‘17 chairs for 17 board members’ Oraib Toukan (2011), 17 chairs from artist’s studios in Bergen replaced with the chairs from the institution. Interactive assemblage made to discuss a surgical name change to the institution as prescribed by Sarah Rifky’s Bergen Accords.

‘Sit crooked, speak straight’ Oraib Toukan (2010), digital c-type print on acrylic.

‘Vinyl wheels’ Oraib Toukan (2011), faux wood vinyl on aluminium, wheels.

‘Jericho’ Oraib Toukan (2011), floor tile, c-type print, acrylic.

‘A table that negotiates a negotiating table’ Oraib Toukan (2011), work by instruction with Birzeit University architecture students for a digital render on an LCD screen.

‘Displaced’ Oraib Toukan (2011), displaced exhibition wall, underlying wood, varnish.