Oraib Toukan and Ala Younis (2014) Chapters 1, 2 & 3 ‘from the impossibility of one page being like the other’. Click here for video

Toukan and Younis have been working on discarded films from defunct Soviet cultural centers in Amman, Jordan following the collapse of the Soviet Union. Chapters 1, 2 & 3 isolates this mass of material down to its every frame. The factory is treated as the starting point, and is re-conceived as an assembly line of the very images that are being sorted through. A re-order of films once made for communism get smelted down to the very fetish object they have now become. The work can also be seen as gesture on the institution of collaboration, and specifically that of two artists in the face of an over-supply of images. The work is therefore presented as a diptych with repeated configurations of two entirely different approaches to the same material. The title ‘from the impossibility of one page being like the other’ is a play on a phrase uttered in the film. The soundtrack is left intentionally un-subtitled.